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microchip painting of protest

Newlywebd - oil paint and assemblage on circuit board

Screen Deep

28 October 2016 - 7 January 2017   Lawrence Arts Center, Lawrence, KS

The works in this exhibition are intuitive responses to constantly juggling online activity and physical
experience. It’s an exploration of the space ‘between’ where virtual, tangible, and mental spheres
overlap -where apps and avatars mingle with emotions and physical sensations. Art is my way to
assess this hybrid existence and steer towards a future which is more of an upgrade than a downgrade.

Video chatting has enabled me to sustain important long-distance relationships and forced me to reevaluate
concepts of context, presence, intimacy, and even identity. ‘Here’ and ‘there’ are not as far
apart now. Two-dimensional screens have become palpable windows for interaction, no longer
relegated to tele-reality or rudimentary communication. And we’ve only just begun to connect. But
not without risk.

As the felt presence of tech grows exponentially, the devices themselves are shrinking towards
invisibility. Instead of taking up space in the room, our tech expands the space around it, opening new
portals, connecting homes and workspaces around the world. With this proliferation comes new
awareness, accountability, and free exchange of ideas. But privacy is disappearing. And with it our
capacity for internal reflection. Hyperconnectivity does not encourage meditation or independent
thinking. We must force our machines to work in our best interests -not theirs. Everyday life is being
‘augmented’ in a hurry. My aim is to benefit from these marvelous advances without losing control of
our own evolution. - Yuri Zupancic, Oct 2016

Breathing Screen 01, Digital video and audioguts - oil on microchip

iEyes, Oil on Microchip installation



Silicon Mountain  AKAA

Microchip Painting of E-waste picker

Exhibited 5 works, including Silicon Mountain, E-waste sculpture with microchip paintings at

AKAA (Also Known As Africa)

Le Carreau du Temple, Paris, 11 - 13 November 2016





Solo Show at SemiCon Europa sponsored by Edwards Ltd

Yuri Zupancic: Microchip Paintings

25-27 October, Alpexo, Grenoble, France

Publication available on request

 <3  Heart  Oil Painting on MicrochipFind Focus - Oil Painting on Microchip

  Hourglass - Oil on Random Access Memory


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